Man Food Literature

IMG_0269Compiling the Man Food project literature review is something of an ongoing process. We’re looking at everything from more-than-human geographies, to eco feminism, public health, climate science and nutrition. Questions we’re asking include:

  • How has gender and environmental concern been discussed, and researched in existing literature?
  • How might we situate knowledges and practices around food and environment in a postcolonial context?
  • How has ecological citizenship literature engaged with gender/race/food?
  • How might we do biological / social gender within materialist framework?
  • How might we define material masculinities?
  • How might we define eco masculinities?
  • How do we overcome the binarisation of men and women in this research?
  • How might caring masculinities relate to food and to environment?
  • What specific work has been done, and needs to be done, around men’s protein practices?

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